I call out to the American people to use this window of opportunity to help identify the police officers who are genuinely there to serve and protect. Community leaders, political leaders and all initiatives working to stop racial injustice joint together, help these officers organise and plan a 52 day relay demonstrations over the whole country going from state tot state. Show them that as long as they serve and protect from the heart the people will stand behind them.

Find ways to support them during the 52 day relay demonstrations. But be quick the 4th of July is right around the corner. By using this day to start a lasting process of healing will give it a huge boost.

To help you understand what I mean please read further;

To protect and to serve versus to protect and to destroy;

There are many police officers whose intent is to protect the establishment by any means necessary, and to destroy every and anything they consider to be of threat to this establishment. At the same time there are lots of police officers whose approach to law enforcement tasks is with the mentality of protect the law and serve law abiding citizens. Both these mindsets serve the same justice system that is considered to be broken and crying out to be fixed.

Like with previous, situations, similar to the killing of George Floyd and the reactions; peaceful protests and hijacked protests by rioting, radical extremist from the right and/or the left, a window of opportunity is now open. A critical mass has been reached. Now is the time to use the energy flow to move away from the madness of expecting different results by reacting in the same way over and over.

It is time to take an unusual approach, to the same old situation. An approach that could lead to permanent solutions to the systemic racial injustice that most Americans so hope will become a thing of the past.

Today racial injustice is projected towards law enforcement institutions. These institutions are the faces of racial injustice. However these institutions are also composed of men and women who have the mentality, to protect and to serve. The many reactions of individual law enforcement officers via social media underlines this. These are people who until now were silenced. Silence is complicity, however the question is what makes the majority of the well intended police officers suffer the faith of silence.

Now is the time to break with the we and them mentality, now is the time to take a leap of faith and organise a different kind of protest march. Now is the time for serve and protect officers to systematically organise peaceful, state to state relay marches.

These marches must be organized together with additional activities aimed at structural unification of the American people.


Everyday a march will take place, in a different state, at the end of the march there will be a ceremonial handover to the following state until each of the 52 states has participated. (Symbolically 52 stated = 52 days)

Simultaneously a plan must be put into place to make the changes (political, judicial, social and cultural) chunked down to small steps that can be achieved within a week. This will allow once again for a symbolic planning period of 52 weeks. But also small steps of weekly successes will add up in the long run.

Details have yet to be worked out carefully to ensure that they fit within the framework of the law.

Just a few thoughts, hope to contribute to a long due change.